Ontario Bean Growers

Ontario Bean Growers is a not for profit organization that represents the interests of farmers in Ontario that grow dry edible beans. Founded in July 2013, the organization is an amalgamation of the Ontario Bean Producers’ Marketing Board and the Ontario Coloured Bean Growers Association. The farmer members of Ontario Bean Growers produce fifteen different types of dry edible beans on an average of 130,000 acres annually from the deep southwest in the Harrow/Windsor area to the opposite end of the province in the Ottawa valley.

The core work of Ontario Bean Growers is in research and market development.  As a top priority of the new organization, Ontario Bean Growers has set four research priorities to increase yield and reduce agronomic risks.  The four priorities are insect resistance, root disease management, leaf disease management and plant architecture.

Market Development, the other top priority of the organization, is also focused in four areas.  Targeting North American market opportunities for the black bean market class, improving navy bean performance through end user variety testing, working to eliminate international marketing barriers in partnership with Ontario bean dealers and market research into coloured bean marketing opportunities.

These priorities align with our goal of having a profitable and sustainable production system for our members and the best product in the world for our end use consumers.

An annually elected Board of seven Directors from three bean growing districts sets governance and policy, while the day-to-day operations are carried out by our management team from our Guelph, Ontario office.