Buy Ontario Beans

It can be a bit tricky to find Ontario beans in your local grocery store.  Between 80-90% of the beans grown in Ontario are exported.  The beans sold domestically may end up being mixed with beans from out west or the States, so it makes it difficult to identify as Ontario-grown.

To help you find Ontario beans, we are compiling a listing of the businesses that sell them.  If you know of someone selling Ontario beans or products that use Ontario beans – let us know and we’ll add their contact information to this listing.

Cullen’s Foods

Ben Cullen

Full of Beans

Ben and Kim Dietrich
6409 Line 44
RR #1, Bornholm, Ontario
(519) 347-2091


Hillbilly Beans

Steve and Dianne Rounds
RR # 3
Lakeside, Ontario
(519) 349-2211


The Bean Ladies

(905) 629-1532


Warriner Family Farm

Roy and Frances Warriner
P.O. Box 161
243 Black Creek Road South
Trout Creek, Ontario   P0H 2L0

(705) 723-1810