Ontario Bean Growers is currently engaged in the following research projects, either as the project lead or collaborator:

Growing Forward 2 Projects (administered by Ontario Bean Growers)

  • Approaches to Weed Management in Edible Beans in Ontario
  • Assessment of hard seeds in Ontario navy beans
  • Breeding Otebo Beans for production in Ontario
  • Reproductive biology and overwintering success of the Western Bean Cutworm
  • Reduction of blood glucose with beans: defining the minimum dose
  • Adzuki Bean Agronomic field trials for Ontario Farmers

Pulse Science Cluster Project Activities (administered by Saskatchewan Pulse Growers)

  • Selecting dry bean lines with improved canning quality attributes in the Cooperation Registration Trials and advanced yield trials in Ontario and the three Prairie Provinces.
  • Ontario bean breeding program is developing new adapted bean varieties that incorporate enhanced multiple disease resistance and higher yield and quality with higher levels of beneficial compounds and to develop new knowledge of the inheritance of the traits of interest in the program for sustainable production in Ontario.
  • Isolating and characterizing dry bean genotypes with tolerance to imazethapyr to integrate the trait into the Ontario breeding program. Develop tolerance to imazethapyr, glyphosate and glufosinate in dry bean through an innovative stable transformation platform.
  • Identifying molecular diagnostic procedures for the rapid, specific and sensitive detection of root rot pathogens in symptomatic dry bean roots.
  • Developing and refining pest management programs for key dry bean pests in Canada.
  • Determining the interaction of soil health and nitrogen fertilizer, to maximize dry bean yield and economic returns.

Updates on these projects will be shared via the newsletter and on OBG’s website as they are made available to us.