Old Fashioned Baked Beans

Old Fashioned Baked Beans

Source: ontariobeans.ca

Yield: Makes 8 servings

Nutrition (For 1 serving)

Calories 354 ;
Protein 13 g;
Fat 13 g;
Carbohydrates 47 g;
Total Dietary Fibre 9.5 g;
1 lbdry white pea beans500 mL
5 1/2 cupscooked white pea beans1.375 L
4 cupscold water1 L
1small-medium onion, chopped1
1/2 tspsalt2 mL
2 tspcider vinegar10 mL
1/2 tspprepared mustard2 mL
1 tbspbrown sugar15 mL
1/4 cupmild-flavoured molasses50 mL
1/2 cuptomato ketchup125 mL
1/4 lbsalt pork or bacon, * sliced345 mL

Soak beans by a method listed in the introduction. Pick and rinse beans. Add 4 cups of cold water, cover, heat to boiling, simmer 30 minutes. Drain keeping liquid. Place sliced onion in bottom of 6 cup (1.5 L) casserole. Mix seasonings, and turn into pot. Add beans, and hot liquid or water to cover. Arrange pork slices on top. Cover and bake in slow oven 250 F (135 C) for seven hours. At end of four hours, remove one cup of beans, mash, then stir back into remaining beans carefully. Cover and continue to bake. Add liquid several times to keep beans just covered. One hour before serving, remove cover to allow salt pork to brown.

*Vegetarian Alternative: Omit salt pork or bacon