Reduction of blood glucose with beans: defining the minimum dose

Project Summary

The proposed study is designed in accordance with regulatory guidance documents developed by Health Canada and the European Food Safety Authority for the assessment of reduced post-prandial blood glucose (PBGR). The studies will take the form of consumer research trials with study participants who are healthy or with impaired glucose tolerance, and not treated with a medication that could interfere with the claimed effect, include a comparison between test and reference foods and be a food that could fit into a normal healthy diet. The specific aim of this project is to determine the minimum effective dose of common market bean varieties required to achieve a significant reduction in PBGR. As such, the proposed study will determine the minimum effective dose (MED) for whole Cranberry, Pinto, Black, Dark red kidney, and Great Northern beans, using two different doses – ½ and ¼ cup of beans (subject to change based on preliminary research).