Better with Beans

Low in fat and packed with fibre, beans are a source of quality protein and are extremely
versatile. Whether baked into muffins, added to tacos, or mixed into any favourite dish, the mild,
complementary flavour helps everyday families make healthy choices easier and every meal
better—everything is Better with Beans.


White Bean, Orange, and Fennel Salad

It’s finally spring and after a winter of eating hearty dishes like brothy beans with polenta, I am ready for main course salads. Fennel, oranges and feta were made to be together and mild, creamy white beans are their perfect partner. Nuts add crunch while the black olives bring a briny hit of salt, fresh herbs keep it fresh. Put it all together, and you get my idea of a perfect bean salad.


French Onion and White Bean Soup

This morning I caught that first whiff of spring in the air. You know the one. It’s earthy and sweet, and the air has the tingle of possibility about it. I love it when the snow begins to melt and even if we do get more of the white stuff, it’s not going to last for long. Of course the days of wearing shorts and sandals are a long way off, but the most important thing is that we’re getting there. Soup weather is still very much in play, and if you’re a French Onion fan, this soup is for you! Any vessel for melted cheese always gets bonus points with me, and French Onion Soup is one
of the best there is. A couple of onions cook down quite a lot in a good glob of butter. Be sure to get them nice and brown too, scraping up all of those lovely bits from the bottom of the pot. This can take about 30 minutes, but the onions only need a nudge here and there with a spoon, so you can multitask if you like, or you can sit at the counter and drink some wine and read a book. Won’t tell which camp I’m in, you’ll have to guess. The addition of creamy white beans makes this soup a hearty affair, with bonus points given for additional fibre and protein. Can’t go wrong with that!

Beans, whether they’re dried or canned, are always in my pantry. Having them there means that soups like this are possible. I know the creamy white beans not only add loads of nutrition to this soup, but they also make it a more substantial meal which will ultimately be more satisfying. White beans are so versatile and nutritious, they’re one of the best things to have stocked in the pantry. Protein-packed and high in fibre, beans can be used in all sorts of recipes for dips and spreads, stews and chili, salads and pasta, heck even smoothies and brownies! Ontario is a hub of bean production in Canada, with over 1200 farmers growing eight types of beans. Most of
these (80-90%) will be exported around the world. Beans are super rich in a variety of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, and they’re inexpensive to buy. Beans check all of the boxes. And they taste so good! For this soup, you can either cook your own white kidney beans or navy beans, or you can use canned. For more information on beans, and more delicious recipes take a look here.

When it comes to serving this soup, you can use those classic French Onion Soup bowls. You know the ones. Maybe you received them as a wedding present in 1985 and have some tucked away in a cupboard. No oven-safe bowls? No problem, just make some cheesy toast and set it atop the soup. Regardless, French Onion is a very physical soup. You have to break through that lid of crusty cheesy goodness to get to the onions, beans, and broth. Cheese strings are pulled up and out and into the mouth while onion broth runs down the chin. Having napkins close at hand is a must.


Light and Easy White Navy Bean and Tuna Salad

You have everything in one dish with this White Navy  bean and Tuna salad. Beautiful earthy starch from the beans, richness from the tuna, freshness comes in with chopped green onion,  and a simple lime olive oil dressing with salt and pepper gives us enough acidity and velvetiness to make this salad shine. Craving something healthy, bright and oh so flavourful, then this salad is for you!

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One Pot Beans and Greens Pasta

You’ll love this easy one pot dinner recipe that features white kidney beans, spinach and pesto. With a savoury Parmesan bread crumb topping, this comforting and creamy pasta is ready in under 45 minutes.


Tortellini and White Bean Soup

Hearty and comforting soups are perfect for these cold winter months. This tortellini and white bean soup is an easy, healthy and family friendly weeknight meal. It is made in one-pot in under half an hour!

There are many variations of tortellini soup, and the addition of white beans adds fibre, plant-based protein and iron to this vegetarian soup. As the white beans soften, they also add wonderfully creamy texture to the soup.

My family loves this recipe and I hope yours does too!

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