Did you know: BEANS are an excellent source of energy and have impressive amounts of B-vitamins, calcium, and iron, phosphorous, potassium, Zinc and very little sodium.

Beans are a member of the ‘leguminosae’ family (legumes).  They are edible seeds rich in vegetable protein.  Beans have been cultivated by man for millenia and are grown in many and consumed in most countries of the world today.

Packed with protein, fibre, complex carbs, and low in fat beans are a great way to get vital nutrients and stay fuller for longer.  Every type of bean grown in Ontario offers a unique flavour that can be used or substituted in countless recipes to add a healthy spin.

Ontario Beans:  From Field to Fork

Would you like to know how beans get from our fields to your fork?  Check out our video!

Types of Beans

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