About Ontario Bean Growers

About Ontario Bean Growers

The Ontario Bean Growers (OBG) is a not for profit organization representing the approximately 1000 farmers in Ontario who grow dry beans on an average of 120,000 acres annually.

Farmers who choose to grow dry beans thrive on the challenge of growing this fickle crop. To quote one grower, “it’s a feat just to get them to come out of the ground.” Diligent crop management skills and a drive towards innovation are key attributes of an Ontario bean grower.

The work of the Ontario Bean Growers as four main areas of focus:


To invest in research that contributes to the productivity and profitability of farmers growing dry edible beans in Ontario.

Market Promotions & Communications

To support the profitability and sustainability of Ontario’s bean growers by carrying out activities that contribute to increased consumption of dry edible beans.

Grower & Agronomist Relations

To engage with growers, potential growers and agronomists with an aim to transfer knowledge and encourage the inclusion of dry edible beans in crop rotations across the province.

Advocacy & Government Relations

To engage with government and industry stakeholders on issues that affect the productivity, profitability and sustainability of Ontario’s bean growers.

An annually elected Board of seven Directors from three bean growing districts sets governance and policy, while the day-to-day operations are carried out by our management team from our Harriston, Ontario office.