Buy Ontario Beans

It can be tricky to find Ontario beans in your local grocery store. You can look for brands that are labeled product of Canada, grown in Canada or made with domestic ingredients. Beans labeled this way will come from one (or a combination of) the three bean growing provinces – Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta.

To help you find Ontario beans, here is a list of businesses that sell them:

Bornholm Produce

W. Dean Trentowsky, P. Eng.
4957 Road 164 (Highway #23)
Bornholm, ON
(519) 274-3933

Instagram @wdt16

Value-added bean products created by chef partners:

Soup Surreal

Derek Denny, Chef Proprietor
98 Wellington Street
Stratford, ON
(519) 497-5167

Twitter @SoupSurreal
Instagram @soupsurreal1

Cullen’s Foods

Ben Cullen
PO Box 248, Gormley, Ontario
(647) 909-0352

Fresh Acres

Leevi and Vanessa Hotari & Family
New Lowell, Ontario

Hillbilly Beans

Steve and Dianne Rounds
RR # 3
Lakeside, Ontario
(519) 349-2211

The Bean Ladies

(905) 629-1532

Thompson’s Beans

Blenheim, Ontario

Order from the website or look for Thompson’s Beans in your local grocery store.
Thompson’s Beans

Warriner Family Farm

Roy and Frances Warriner
P.O. Box 161
243 Black Creek Road South
Trout Creek, Ontario, P0H 2L0
(705) 723-1810