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Canadian Potential Healthcare and Societal Cost Savings from Consumption of Pulses: A Cost-Of-Illness Analysis
Mohammad M. H. Abdullah, Christopher P. F. Marinangeli, Peter J. H. Jones and Jared G. Carlberg

The Role of Pulses in the Dietary Management of Diabetes
Dan Ramdath PhD, Simone Renwick, Alison M. Duncan PhD, RD

A review of the relationship between pulse consumption and reduction of cardiovascular disease risk factors
Emily M.T. Padhi, D Dan Ramdath


All About Beans – general information on edible bean production in Ontario

Folate Facts – Beans help build a better baby

Reducing Sodium in Canned Beans

Courtesy of Pulse Canada

Pulses are a “Superfood”


Pulses and Diabetes Control


Pulses and Cardiovascular Disease


Pulses and Weight Control


Protein Quality of Cooked Pulses

The Health Benefits of Pulses – Clinical Trial Findings

Reducing Sodium in Canned Pulses