Chicken & Bean Baked Tortillas

Chicken & Bean Baked Tortillas


Yield: Makes 6 tortillas

Nutrition (For 1 serving)

Calories 478 ;
Protein 31 g;
Fat 15 g;
Carbohydrates 51 g;
Total Dietary Fibre 4.3 g;
2 cupscooked white pea beans500 mL
2 cupsdiced, cooked chicken* breast meat500 mL
1 cupmedium or hot chunky salsa250 mL
1 1/2 cupsgrated Monterey Jack or Cheddar Cheese375 mL
610-inch flour tortillas6

*Smoked chicken or turkey works well

In a medium bowl, combine the cooked beans, diced chicken, salsa and cheese. Divide mixture between 6 tortillas, placing mixture on the bottom half of the tortilla. Begin to roll, (cabbage roll style) tucking in the sides as you go. Place seam side down on a non-stick cookie sheet. Bake in a preheated 400° F (200°C) oven for 10-15 minutes or until golden and crispy. Serve with a dollop of light sour cream (optional).

*Alternative: Add finely chopped jalapeños, minced garlic or green onions for spicier tortillas