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2021 Ontario Bean Growers Annual General Meeting

Our 2021 is being held online on Zoom on February 23, 2021, 9:45am-12:00pm. Registration is required by February 11.


Ontario Bean Growers & AgScape Launch a New Teachers Guide on the Innovations of Ontario Dry Bean Farming in Celebration of Canadian Agricultural Literacy Month

AgScape, working with the Ontario Bean Growers is launching a new Teachers Guide- an Exploration of Dry Bean Farming, for Ontario students Grades 4-10.

Ontario Bean Growers makes five year research investment

Ontario Bean Growers (OBG) has invested nearly $1.4 million, over the next 5 years, into bean research projects that seek to improve productivity and reduce threats to pulse crop production, as well as one project that is collecting evidence for a health claim.

2020 Western Bean Cutworm Guidelines for Ontario Dry Beans

Information provided by: Tracey Baute and Meghan Moran, OMAFRA and Chris Gillard, University of Guelph Ridgetown Campus

Western bean cutworm (WBC) has become the primary pest of corn in the Great Lakes region and is reaching that status in dry beans too. WBC damage was found back in 2014 in a few dry beans fields between Thamesville and Strathroy and has now expanded to most of the dry bean growing regions here.

Canadian Agriculture Partnership Helps Further the Work of Ontario Bean Growers

Since the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (the Partnership) was launched in the spring, Ontario Bean Growers (OBG) has been successful at leveraging funds for three projects: Yield Response of Dry Beans to Variable Rate Seeding, Innovative Weed Management Strategies for Dry Bean, and Launching a Consumer Brand for Ontario Bean Growers.